martina cannarile

martina cannarile


Canon EOS 1000D aka Lolita

HUAWEI P8 aka Barracuda


I’m an illustrator, 25 yo, and I live in Milan suburb, where rabbits have fun running after truck carryng tar, I’d like to show you a naive but sincere “odd-ordinary” reality where crocodile and pigeons may be mate. My interests include illustrations, fight for right, spicy food, animals, design, equality, photography humor, GRLPWR,  nosense, rainy days, photography, japanes anime, museum, hangout at the train station, dinosaur, fog smell,  tea, painting, digital art, humor, tobacco, design, read books, watercolor, paint brushes, and pizza.
My reality constantly taking shape, it’s gray because it has all the colours inside, flaws and virtues are  show with no shame. Crocodille may live here but about my characters, story arcs, everything has no filter. I want to tell stories about uneasy issues wich is not easy to speack out  still, with an carefree, ironic sens of humor .I graduated at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in July 2016  with 110/110, now I attend the Illustration and Visual design  course at Civica Scuola Arte&Messaggio in Milan.