Dariia Maksimova

Dariia Maksimova


- Canon PowerShot S95

- iPhone 5S



My name is Dariia, five years ago I arrived in Italy to study design. Living and discovering Milan I absolutely fell in love with it. I found fascinating that it's the city of the hidden place and only if you are curious enough it shows whole its glorious beauty! Today I'm working as a interior&exhibition designer and obviously I'm looking forward to every design week. I still remember the impressions of my first dw (2013), I've prepared the routes that covered whole city, I had a hunger of discovering and learning new. I was walking around from the early morning till late, enjoying the events. It was the most intensive, emotional and heavy week in my life, but it totally worth it! Once I've started to work I had less time to walk around during the design week, but I never missed the important events and the newest trends.

This year I decided to take a free days during the design week and it would be pleasure to walk around and enjoy it as a part of your team.

Thank you!