Porta Venezia In Design

Area: Porta Venezia

A Milan itinerary for the Design Week to combine design&art, food&wine with Liberty Architecture heritage

A Milan itinerary for the Design Week to combine design&art, food&wine with Liberty Architecture heritage.

PORTA VENEZIA IN DESIGN is an itinerary divided into ‘three’: showrooms, stores and companies featuring new design and art, the food&wine itinerary, which finds space in some selected bars and restaurants, guided tours of the Liberty facades, organized in collaboration with FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano.

The idea of this circuit is to highlight places, sometimes 'hidden' in courtyards, other facing the road: design and furnishing companies, hospitality and leisure with good food and wine, architectural companies and workshops. Within the cultural aspect, which highlights the Liberty architecture heritage, revealing the venue has not been accessible for years – as the Albergo Diurno Venezia, now opened thanks to Delegazione Milano FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano. Design as a link among the various realities.

You will find again:

-JANNELLI&VOLPI (Via Melzo,7), a leader Italian company in the wallcoverings production and furnishing tissues distribution, presents - in its historical building in Via Melzo - new wallcovering collections - among which M.C. Escher®, Marimekko5®, two licenseecollections - Design Lux, Altagamma Rainbow, JV Kerala part of JV Italian Design - Armani Casa Exclusive Wallcoverings Collection®- Refined Structures 2 and JV Kerala of J&V Italian

-MANERBA(Via Melzo, 7), with its permanent space-showroom, inside Jannelli&Volpi
building, presents three different way to live office

-LISA CORTI(Via Lecco,2) with newest Lisa Corti Tapestries

-Brompton Junktion milano (Via Melzo, 3) with its renewed English folding ‘design’

Stamberga (internal courtyard, Via Melzo 3)It will be hosting, during Milan Design Week 2018: 1+1 historical design gallery, Bonacina
1889 and Sen Factory.
-CENTRO CULTURALE CECO Via G. B. Morgagni, 20)presents, as a worldwide preview: ‘The Story of Czech Design. From Cubism to the 21st Century’ 

-AMI Mops (Via Tadino,3)shop-laboratory presenting its ‘Colors’ project, within newjewels collections

Spazio Mistral (Via Tadino,5)presents ‘light is life, life is light’ in: PENSIEMI - “thoughts becoming seeds and together give birth to new realities” and ‘Menti Condivise’, a project highlighting jewels by Emanuela Avallone (Jewelry Designer) and leaves made by artist Giovanna Vettorello

-BIVIO Milano (Via Lambro,12) hosts "Mosaics by Max Marcelia"

-Villa Mozart (Via Mozart 9) hosts Doppia Firma / Double Signature 

New entry:

-1P/ PRIMO PIANO (Viale Abruzzi,20)An eclectic space in which visitors could discover, admire and test all news focusing on experiential and interactive settings up in the retail, museum and related to company headquarters fields 

-Creazioni d'interni (Via Rosolino Pilo,16)owned by Giampiero Romanò, presenting his new and personal design custom furniture collection, within unique pieces, in a curious atmosphere between antique, art and vintage design

-Gallery Lookingatart(Via Tommaso Salvini 2) hosts I MIEI GIARDINI di Gaia Di Paola, an exhibition of furnishing artistic objects made by painted fabric and hand embroidered

-LE CAVEAU TATOO (Via Goldoni 44) hosts Silk Views - Flowers in the books exhibition, a deep research of Japanese culture, as seen and structured by artists proposing it on antiques cloths and other materials

-SPAZIO FOLGOSA (Via Nino Bixio,27) will host two projects: la Giacca Volante, which is again protagonist with new models designed by stylist Andrea Folgosa and graphics works by Chiara Passigli with typographic characters to create a pattern similar to a tissue

-Domus presents at Civico Planetario Ulrico Hoepli (Corso Venezia 57) ‘Silence and Empitiness. Architecture. Astrophydics. Psychology’

-Alivar (Viale Piave 21) a company from Tuscany, specialized in contemporary furniture, will be presenting news for 2018

-MeidLine Store (Viale Vittorio Veneto 10)specialized in products and beauty treatments and synergies for well-being. A space where aesthetics
and functionality merge into a unique concept, getting ideas from nature.


-Pasta Fresca Brambilla (Via Melzo 2), laboratory opened in 1969; since a few years it is also bistrot, where to taste fresh handmade pasta, of the ancient origin coming from Mantova and Emilia region

- Tropic Island (Bastioni di Porta Venezia - entrance on the side of Indro Montanelli Gardens)Chosen as ‘cocktail point’ during ‘Porta Venezia in Design’, will have a special energy drink, called "Porta Venezia in Design", to better afford the frantic tour of the design week; saturday, April 21 from 9pm, Frigerio 21 will be presenting "LIGHT AND LIGHTNESS" with "21", a special cocktail proposed for that occasion (until late night)

-Special Hamburger- Italian Fast FoodSpecial Hamburger - Italian Fast Food (Via Lecco 4)This delicious Italian fast food venue, will be hosting ‘PENSIEMI: more masks then foxes’, as by Architect Marie Christine Volterrani, part of her project “thoughts becoming seeds, which will together give birth to new realities”.