Area: Bovisa

Where creativity and innovation come alive

BOVISA IS BACK #inbovisa

INBOVISA is a cultural project of aggregation and communication, born from Associazione Zona Bovisa, for all the events and the actors of the Bovisa district in Milan. The goal is to enhance and implement this neighbourhood producer of innovation and creativity.

La Bovisa, was historically an industrial district with a labouring soul. In the last years this neighbourhood started an urban renewal process based on scientific research, training, culture development, design and innovation. During the Milan design week, Bovisa turn into a hub of event related to design and entrepreneurship: various creative and cultural start-ups will identify this area as a reference point and as a district where innovation come alive.

Also this year some initiatives of this project will be developed during the Milano Design Week 2018: from the 17th to 22th of April, INBOVISA aims to be the hub and the collector of all the different events and characters which wish to participate in a cultural project during the Fuorisalone.


IN/BOVISA is a project by Associazione Zona Bovisa.


Associazione Zona Bovisa
Via Cosenz 44/4
20158 Milano