Best Packaging 2018: Technology Meets Design

Material innovation, improvement of technical performances, smart and active packaging, extension of shelf life, production, environmental and energy costs optimisation, new or updated printing technologies, together with a correct design are the elements to be considered in an innovative packaging. All this will be on display at the Pourquoi Pas Design atelier, located in via Tito Speri 1, in the heart of the Brera Design District and supporter of the event.


Innovation and design are the focus of the 2018 edition of the contest and of the BEST PACKAGING 2018 exhibition, which includes 20 hi-tech level finalists.


The selection on display will go from the transparent paper bag - an alternative to the biodegradable bag for fruit and vegetables, to bags - with extraordinary graphic and tactile effects - for snacks and chips, to the brik with grip and light brown cardboard - without whiteners, the bio plastic bottle made from sugar cane, and from tracking devices for logistics or providing information - with smartphone apps, to re-sealable packaging systems for mozzarella - with liquid pouring option, on to modular sprinkling systems. Other features on display include printing systems with algorithm to differentiate the graphics of the jars, hidden and resealable labels for biscuits, special pumps for viscous liquids, extremely light but resistant films for products - such as hard crust cheeses - that cause abrasions, plastic bottles that emulate glass, biodegradable coffee capsules with degassing caps, and technological containers for microwave ready meals. The list goes on with cardboard trays, perfect display units for large-scale retail distribution, boxes for the horizontal transportation of bottles with separator insert, a modular packaging for cable trays of different sizes and, finally, a container separator in patented board for spotlights.


During the exhibition the paper designer Francesca Meana will manually create a designer chandelier using special papers, specifically laminated by Fontana Grafica, technical sponsor of the exhibition, also sponsored by Altroconsumo, Conai, Ipack-Ima and the Milan Polytechnic Design School.

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Pourquoi Pas Design
via Tito Speri 1

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