Swiss Krono AG moves mountains

SWISS KRONO AG brings the Swiss mountains to the city, Michela Muntean, sales director, Italy, chooses the eclectic architect Fabio Rotella for the design of the structure, a mountain entirely made with SwissCDF. A unique and original way to showcase the product and its decorations.


INSIDE is an art installation that represents the relationship between nature, people and living beings


A mountain in the city, a visual short-circuit made up of sections that build up the jagged image of a mountain, the Matterhorn, revealed through its own shape. The destructured image of the mountain intersects with the skyline of the city, an element that turns into a call, an oneiric game that attracts you into a centre where you can experience an environment, a metaphor of the nucleus as a panacea, a harmony of senses, emotions and a well-being experience.”

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