Whether geometric and warm or decadent and expressive, modernism continues to make a powerful impression on the world of design. Kohler, a global leader in the design and innovation of kitchen and bath products, returns to Milan Design Week to host a weeklong celebration of modernism. 


Kohler explores the spectrum of modernism through the lens of today’s globally aware society in this exhibition of design. Told through a series of artistic installations featuring the global brand’s newest products, Kohler’s insight into modernism gives visitors a view of the spectrum from minimalism to maximalism


 “Great design is based on balancing the fundamentals with added layers of expression”, said Mark Bickerstaffe, director of new product development for Kohler Co. “This year’s exhibit leans into the idea of scalable modern design – products and spaces that are simple and clean to those that are complex and dramatic.” 


Each product installation is in perfect juxtaposition with the historic museum space, embracing the vast continuum of modernity Kohler will explore over the next year. 

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