Carrera Studio: where to look the eyewear with different eyes.

In one of the most popular places in the city of Milan, the central Piazza XXV Aprile, the Carrera Studio will come to life. An installation that showcases, in a multimedia and immersive journey, the evocative images and stories that the photographer and artist Jacopo Benassi has taken for the Spring Summer 2018 campaign of the Carrera brand, called #DriveYourStory.


Through the author’s photographer and the testimonies of the talent to which the brand has chosen to give voice, they told brave stories of people out of the crowd, who took their lives in theirs hands and decided to guide them to their passion.


Voices enclosed in an elegant mirror structure, which through a game of perspectives merges with the surrounding environment and continues with a final catwalk: here, a photographer will give to all Carrera Studio visitors a personal shot in the campaign style, a unique opportunity to become part of those vices and values that distinguish the Carrera world.

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