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5VIE Art+Design is a cultural and territorial marketing project that aims at promoting Milan’s Old Town.


5VIE as cultural producer

The fifth edition of 5VIE Design Week is starting, with a wide-ranging programme of International events.

Continuing its five-years activity as cultural promoter and with the purpose of promoting the territorial heritage of Milan’s Old Town, this year 5VIE art+design presents and produces international projects dedicated to art, research, contemporary sign and love for handicraft and for the territory.

April, 17 – 22 – during this week, when Milan becomes the capital of creativity and quality, the 5VIE district continues focusing on history, culture and innovation, objects of its mission, and goes on making Milan’s Old Town richer and more lively. Again, 5VIE shows how to combine design, handicraft and culture, features of Milan and of its history, in particular of this district.

This edition confirms the work done in the last years and the four founders - Aline Calvi Radice Fossati, Ernesta Del Cogliano, Alessia del Corona Borgia and Emanuele Tessarolo – have entered into new cultural partnerships by selecting some renowned curators such as Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, Maria Cristina Didero, Annalisa Rosso, Alice Stori Liechtenstein, with the purpose of building and launching ”tailored” projects with them, by blending research, art and savoir-faire.

The curator and gallerist Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte was hosted in the now well-known apartment of via Cesare Correnti 14, 5VIE headquarter, to work on a format that is in line with the spatial needs and the mission of the four founders. The result is Unsighted, an exhibition where the designer has produced a piece of art without knowing the context, the place, nor the final destination. Without any standard parameter, the project aims at emancipating the designer from classic style notions, special specifications and project requirements.

What is important is the creation of objects that are active and independent agents in the environment.

In via Cesare Correnti, 5VIE also collaborates again with Sara Ricciardi, one of the youngest talents of Italian design and finalist of the ‘Officine Panerai Next Generation Designer Award’, part of the ‘Wallpaper* Design Awards 2018’, which will be the protagonist of an immersive installation curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein and titled Arcadia. “Legacy” is the project’s topic and reveals the story and the beauty of Schloss Hollenegg, the Austria- based international programme which supports research, thinking and design critique.

5VIE also presents VEGAN DESIGN - Or the Art of Reduction, a project curated by Maria Cristina Didero. The exhibition is an opportunity to discover the work of a unique talent of international design. Each object of Eres Nevi Pana’s collections is made in compliance with the rules of a specific ethical position and it gives an answer to a specific question: it is possible to design without using any material from animals? With his work and his strict but emotional approach, Nevi Pana shows that it is possible. Vegan, Israeli, he was born in 1983 and studied at the Eindhoven Academy. He transfers his attitude of respect to life, human beings and nature to his design modalities.

Annalisa Rosso will curate the personal exhibion Panorama of Valentina Cameranesi. Aiming for happy eyes, she builds a world to her own liking and likeness. The designer Valentina Cameranesi develops the key elements of her artistry – material, subject, visual language and conversation partner – in an illusory comfort zone. But the subconscious is at work, and the careful observer will discern disturbing factors in a rarefied atmosphere. Wielding her signature style, Cameranesi plays with self-referential clichés and interiorized sources, and brings them alive in this show.

To continue with the view of reusing unused urban areas, 5VIE works with passion and temporary uses these hidden or abandoned areas for new purposes, by giving them new light and new life.
This year, 5VIE moves its centre of gravity and inaugurates a new creativity focal point in the former Meazza area, hardware store which is a symbol of the postwar period for every inhabitant of Milan, that closed down two years ago. Meazza was a reference point, a meeting point, an open square for the population. In short, a place that deserves to be brought back to light.

Among the various projects that will be hosted at Meazza, 5Vie pays tribute to the work of Nanda Vigo, undisputed protagonist of the current art scene. Two “Goral” totems dating back to 2005 will be presented. These two obelisks are equipped with neon lights representing the cosmogonic alphabet’s elementary signs, a simple translation of the more complex “Goral”, which in Buddhist philosophy represents the light of creation, while on its sides light sculptures will be shown, that is to say the “Light Trees” of 1984.

Moreover, the movie “Go with the light” by Marco Poma/Metamorphosis will be previewed. It collects a series of interviews registered during travels and exhibitions, from to 2005 to 2017. At Archivio Nanda Vigo in Via Gorani 8, sculptures titled “Deep Space”, 2013, will be exhibited. Their triangular nature and the soft radiation they release create an impression of immateriality that projects them to an interstellar space.

Meazza will host the info/press point, set up ad hoc by Pentatonic, circular design brand. Pentatonic invent new materials using the world’s most abundant and dangerous resource – human trash – and they do so without compromising an inch on design, performance or function.

5VIE local network expatriates by twinning with the Portuguese Projecto Travessa da Ermida, in the heart of Lisbon. In a curatorial proposal by Mário Caeiro, Projecto Travessa da Ermida presents achallenging work of the Portuguese artist Xana, who explores the meaning of place through an elegy to life and light in contrast with darkness, death and market’s egoism. The work is a site specific evolution of the original installation created for the Vicente initiative in Lisbon. The project focuses on the witty game between text and space, narrative and visual culture, and it will transform via Bagnara in a stage of an unusual set of critical and intellectual meanings. Xana is one of the most important Portuguese artists, famous for his temporary art installations made of plastics.

Always up with the latest trends, the Design Week 5VIE will kick off this year with It’s Circular, a forum dedicated to circular economy and design. Hosted by ANCE in Via San Maurilio, in the heart of the district, the forum will take place on Sunday 15 and Monday 16. It’s Circular is supported by official partner Miniwiz and counts on the participation of the main Italian and international experts in the field, from companies and institutions to entrepreneurs, researchers and designers. The objective is to give back an accurate picture of the circular system today, using a pop approach to explore future scenarios linked to the regenerative economic system, identify best practices and establish a network of intelligences. The forum, organized under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, will see the participation of entrepreneur Arthur Huang, designer Matteo Ragni, Meterial ConneXion CEO Emilio Genovesi, among others.

Fot the whole duration of Design Week (from Tuesday 17 to Sunday 22 April 2018), you will be able to explore the district with an entertaining Treasure hunt! The event will depart at Info Point 5Vie in Piazza Cardinal Massaia (Spazio ex Meazza) from 3pm-4pm. To book the experience go to the website You can subscribe to the tour quiz as a team or by yourself, and of course for the winners there will be prizes to match the theme. 


Opening 5VIE: Wednesday Aprile 18, 2018 - 18.00 to 23.00

Info & Press Point 5VIE: c/o Meazza, Via San Sisto 9, Aprile 17-22 - 10.00 to 19.00

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