Infinity Window @ Brooks Brothers Flatiron Shop

During the Fuorisalone week, in the exclusive Brera Design District, Brooks Brothers continues celebrating its 200th anniversary hosting a dynamic and interactive installation with its iconic Original Polo® Button-Down shirt, a disrupter born in 1896, presented within completely innovative concept.  


Thanks to the “Infinity Mirror” technique, the shop-window will benefit from an infinite depth hosting the historical and iconic shirt as a main character, celebrating and enhancing it.


The public will explore and actively participate in this novelty in retail design and Brooks Brothers, the original American brand, saluting its first 200 years, will be projected towards an infinite future.


The installation has been realized thanks to the collaboration of Marangoni Design, present at the Fuorisalone since 2015, and OLO Creative Farm, international excellence in the video and video installation industries.  

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