Design in the manufacturing company: the challenge of the Companies from Confindustria Salerno’s group “Design Tessile Sistema Casa”

Companies from Confindustria Salerno’s group “Design Tessile Sistema Casa” introduce “You Design it We Make it”, an exhibition of design products made in Salerno. These products are a result of a collaboration between the manufacturing companies and young designers


Arch. Francesco Giannattasio is the curator of the exhibition. “Marèe” is the common thread that unites the twelve companies, expression not only of their know-how but of a broader business networking.


Salerno Chamber of Commerce supported this initiative and partially sponsored it, along with Confindustria Salerno who strongly believed in the growth of the project that endorses the synergy between the manufacturing companies of the territory and young designers. As matter of fact from the first edition, strong collaborations and numerous networking opportunities were born.


Last year the Group debuted for the first time at Design Week, this year the exhibition moves to an exclusive location of the Brera Design District: Officina 22, in Foro Buonaparte.


Valeria Prete, president of the Group, says "The presence for the second consecutive year at the Design Week in Milan gives us awareness of a synergy between “Company – Designer” that is growing and is shaping on empathy - determination and origins".

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You Design it We Make it
Officina 22
Foro Buonaparte


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