Tree of gods YAKUSUGI ~ EUR 1 Million Table ~

We express this beautiful Yakusugi, which Japanese people have believed  in since ancient times, with the projection. At this time, we collaborated with Hironori Sugino who was one of the artists in teamlab which helded the installation in Japan pavilion of Milano Expo 2015.


This Yakusugi is more than 1000 years old  it has been withstand many thunders and typhoons before arriving here. 


If you get closer to this display, it will reveal the landscape of Yakusugi and show flora and fauna that can not be seen normally.


By projecting these images directly on the wood grain, the picture of Yakusugi will reflect on the beautiful and special grain created by nature. 


You should be able to feel the flow of eternal time in Yakushima.

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