Gisella Borioli talks about Superstudio

"The city in the Design Week is at its best and the most interesting and creative people pop out everywhere like lizards in the sun”

Superstudio Più stands for Fuorisalone. For those who love and attend the Milan Design Week it is one of the places to visit, a loved and criticized centre of new talents, an opportunity for PR, an area of free as well as organized creativity.


Gisella Borioli has always been the mind and soul of these spaces and exclusively tells Fuorisalone Magazine about her project. A project, which has grown over the years, constantly evolving and transforming itself.


“Fuorisalone is my second life”, she tells us. “The first was spent as a journalist and editor of fashion magazines surrounded by fashion, stylists and culture for women, the evolution of women with professional episodes related to theatre, art, television, and books. But still, the fashion was my all-encompassing world. Then came the all-round design, which coincided with the opening and the new business project of Superstudio Più. A universe that I was familiar with (my career started as editor at Octagon) and that I have always loved since the very beginning: it has driven me to learn and do more.”


Fuorisalone is also inextricably linked to the identity of Milan. For Gisella Borioli it represents “an injection of vitality, innovation, internationalization, openness, sharing, inclusion, aesthetics, culture, hope, innovation. In short, the very best it can offer. We are careful not to lose the challenge as it happened with the fashion industry. Milan is a great city, a true cradle of talent, a pool of energy and creative thoughts that are just waiting to be discovered and exploited. The city in the Design Week is at its best and the most interesting and creative people pop out everywhere like lizards in the sun. I wish it were always like this!”


Obviously also unexpected and surprising things happen at Fuorisalone. An example? “The morning visits during the last edition of the nursery schools of the area so involved and curious to show up on time every morning at the opening. So many kids in a row, disciplined and attentive, who raised thousands of questions.”


Each regular guest at Fuorisalone has its refuges, its places of the heart during the Design Week. What is the place Gisella Borioli cherishes the most? “The Roof of Superstudio Più transformed three years ago and for the first time in Milan into a super garden on the roof thanks to the intervention of Michelangelo Pistoletto. A place of peace, where you can escape for a while from the chaos, an oasis of art and design, a green and perfumed area. A view from above on the neighbourhood, made of herbs, vegetables, fruits and meadows”. During Milan Design Week not only professional relationships arise, but also real friendships. Gisella speaks of an essential bond to her: “The deep friendship and the professional and human respect with Giulio Cappellini, an exceptional man from all points of view that I am honoured to have had next to me for many years as an exhibitor and art director”.


Fuorisalone is like a living organism that changes and transforms itself. What could be improved? “I'd like it to truly become a global event for the city made up of many different realities but well-coordinated and synergistic, where every area had a well-defined identity. I’d like to see a D.Tram or D.Bus which easily link all areas and a pass that lead to D.Restaurant, coordinated with a suitable offer etc. The City is already doing a lot, but it would be no bad thing if there were a super direction that would make the design event in Milan unique, integrating Salone and Fuorisalone”.


What should you not miss out? “A nice ride in Tortona District, of course, from Superstudio Più, following the route of Selected Locations we have chosen for an interesting and super concentrated itinerary”.

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