Craft & Design on stage: Doppia Firma

Contemporary thinking and antique techniques. 16 creative couples re-give birth to outdated materials and rare manifacturing. A collection of everyday objects, with an extraordinary twist: Doppia Firma, a project by Living, Fondazione Cologni and On show at Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana

Rare and often fallen in disuse materials like alabaster, lustre painted ceramics, rust printing, basket weaving, soapstone, tombolo, scagliola and bucchero take the centre stage again, along with paper, brass, glass, bronze and wood. Bucchero for example is an Etruscan ceramic marked out by a deep black color, which gives to this material a strong antiquity aura. Tombolo is the ancient tool used to make a beatiful embroidery lace.

The magazine Living selected sixteen designers with a strong sensitivity toward materials and a poetic approach to functional objects. They have been invited to exchange views with the craftsmen picked by Fondazione Cologni. A selection of their works will be on sale on starting from next summer, and this will be a unique and creative showcase, open to the world. Doppia Firma focuses on Made in Italy’s key values, such as the excellence of Italian craftsmanship and creative talent. This amazing experiment shows how the synergy between craftsmen and designers becomes a vehicle for creativity and experimentation, encouraging inventiveness. Beyond the mere celebration of individual skills, real cooperation and a deep will to explore are the very heart of this challenging project. In a mutual exchange, tradition meets modernization, while the design oriented vision receives that exquisite nourishment which only excellent craftsmanship can provide.

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Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana, piazza Pio XI 2, Milano mobile

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