Florim, solutions for interior design and architecture

The perfect match between tradition, innovation and aesthetics: unique solutions that reinvent ceramic products to meet the needs of every professional.

For over fifty years Florim has been a leader on the world scene of industrial ceramics, thanks to its unfailing attention to research and innovation and the high aesthetic content of its products. The company established its unique quality right back in the early 1960s with the production of clinker extruded at Floor Gres, the parent company founded by Giovanni Lucchese. In 1981, under the leadership of Claudio Lucchese, son of the founder, Florim was one of the first companies in the world to start production of porcelain stoneware and is today at the centre of an international group with production units, trading companies and partnerships in Europe, America and Asia with a workforce of around 1300 employees.


Florim stands out because it continually reinterprets ceramic products – a feature that puts it at the forefront of market evolution with its huge range of solutions for all building, architecture and interior design requirements.


Among the more innovative and technologically advanced solutions, the Florim Magnum Oversize project is surely the most significant: the versatility of the maxi-slabs, up to 160x320cm and with a thickness of just 6mm, means that they can respond to the contract market and the consumer market alike, offering new ceramic products as a total look for tiling residential spaces. 


The company’s desire to forge closer and more direct relationships with the main players in international architecture has translated into the decision to open a permanent showroom in Milan, in the heart of the Brera district; Florim has had a presence here since 2009, first of all with the space in Via Fatebenefratelli and today with the Foro Buonaparte location (around 1000 sq.m.). This versatile, multifunctional space offers the public the latest collections from the company (such as the Magnum project) and hosts events, training sessions, presentations and meetings on specific themes dedicated to project designers, architects and to the world of design in general.

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Florim Flagshipstore Milano
Foro Buonaparte 14/N1
20121 Milano

T. 0536 840111

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