The Art of Living at La Permanente

Domestic visions between design and hi-tech. April, 11th-24th, lights on the 3rd edition of the exhibition curated by Living magazine showcasing the house of tomorrow

Close your eyes and imagine a house where - almost – everything is technologic. An hypothetical house of the future composed by ten rooms with a very techy DNA. The 3 rd edition of exhibition The Art of Living shows a reflection on how tomorrow living and furnishing our domestic spaces. On the walls, thoughts and visions will roll, by designers, artists and thinkers from the international scene. From A for Alessandro Mendini, to Z for Zaha Hadid. «Huge progress in technologic filed allow us to rethink space and shape, by using new techniques and materials», tells the Anglo-Iraqi archistar. A contemporary thoughts cloud, leading the visitor from a room to another, in a storytelling path that focuses on the hidden value of furniture pieces and on how technology is affecting our domestic lifestyle.


The exhibition is a wireframe house, which we’re possibly going to step into in the next years either in Rome or in New York. A leading edge flat signed by excellent Italian brands as B&B Italia, Falmec, Martinelli Luce, Molteni&C, Poliform Varenna, Teuco, Dyson, Unical, Estel.


The set-up is curated by Migliore + Servetto Architects, and includes suggestive projections of metropolitan landscapes. There’s also a n intimate home theatre, where spectators could watch the best movies frames about the idea of modernity in domestic life, evolving through the years. A visual collection going from Monsieur Hulot’s hijinks by di Jacques Tati, to ante litteram videophones by Wim Wenders and the virtual (true?) love between human and artificial intelligence narrated in Her. Unforgettable scenes to watch comfortably seating, and enjoying a cup of Nespresso coffee. Waiting for tomorrow.

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Form April, 11th to 24th.
The Art of Living
Palazzo della Permanente, via Filippo Turati 34, Milano mobile

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