Milano Design Award 2016

Having reached the 6th edition, The Milan Design Award selects the best projects/installations at Fuorisalone and able to add value to the creative dialogue between production and installation and between designers and companies.

Milano Design Award - devised and coordinated by elita - enjoy living italy, in collaboration with and Istituto Europeo di Design, and the support of the Council of Milan - since 2016 becomes a shared and promoted project with the committee of Milano Fuorisalone: 5VIE art+design, Brera Design DIstrict , elita - enjoy living italy, Milano Space Makers, Porta Venezia in Design, Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week, Superstudio Group, Tortona Design Week, Ventura Lambrate and Zona SantAmbrogio.

The Prize

The objective of Milan Design Award is to elect, via an international jury, the best project displayed during Fuorisalone based on four categories that define the fundamental qualities of an installation: concept, technology, storytelling and engagement. Furthermore, for every category an award will be given for the installation that best distinguishes a principal single aspect. Amongst the new elements this year is a new award category: The People’s Choice; the public at large will have the chance to elect winners at the Design Week sharing their vote via a new app, available free to download via the App Store and Google Play Store. 
This app will provide in additional the full program of events for the Fuorisalone and further enriches a section dedicated to this year Milano Design Award.


  • Milano Design Award 2016 Winner
    The best installation of Fuorisalone, selected for the excellent combination between concept, technology, background story, public involvement.

  • Milano Design Award 2016 Best Concept
    The installation that best promotes the most significant innovation, demonstrating opportunity and significant future development.

  • Milano Design Award 2016 Best Technology
    The installation that best adopts technology, materials or that best proposes the use of an original existing one.

  • Milano Design Award 2016 Best Storytelling
    The best installation that explains the actual message, adopting the most engaging and effective narrative strategy and a defined communication even graphic.

  • Milano Design Award 2016 Best Engagement by IED
    The best installation that distinguishes the bridge between the piece and the public, establishing an immersive rapport via the diverse aspects of the installation (location, sounds and lighting).

  • Milano Design Award 2016 People’s Choice
    The best installation overall according the public jury, votes collected via the App of the

- MDA 2016 Winner
- Best Concept
- Best Technology
- Best Storytelling
- Best Engagement by IED
- Best People’s Choice

Saturday April 17, 2016
Teatro di IED Moda
via Pompeo Leoni, 3

Milano Design Award 2016 Winner

  • Per il racconto di un processo di grande complessità e innovazione, capace di destabilizzare la percezione comune. Il percorso didattico scardina tutti gli stereotipi didascalici per proporre un’esperienza sensorialmente rilevante, che promuove una nuova visione della cultura del progetto.

Photo © Milano Design Award, Matteo Bellomo

Milano Design Award 2016 Best Concept

Photo © Milano Design Award, Matteo Bellomo

Milano Design Award 2016 Best Technology

Photo © Milano Design Award, Matteo Bellomo

Milano Design Award 2016 Best Storytelling

Photo © Milano Design Award, Matteo Bellomo

Milano Design Award 2016 Best Engagement

  • Per la capacità di coniugare analogico e digitale, con semplicità ed efficacia, coinvolgendo gli spettatori in un piccolo viaggio significativo e divertente. I contrasti tra i luoghi che si attraversano rendono l’esperienza leggera e memorabile.

Photo © Milano Design Award, Matteo Bellomo

Selected events for Milano Design Award 2016



The jury this year is headed by Antonio Marras (fashion designer) and Alberto Nespoli (art director at Eligo), winner of Milano Design Award 2015, and in addition Caroline Corbetta (contemporary art curator), John Dimatos (Senior Director for Design and Technologies at Kickstarter), Kazuyo Komoda (Product/Interior designer), Felice Limosani (digital storyteller), Emiliano Ponzi (illustrator), Marco Sammicheli (Abitare design curator).

Selection of the Participants, Public Call For Bids and Awards Ceremony

The selection of the design participants of Milano Design Award 2016 will be selected by a Scientific Committee, formed by representatives from Milan Fuorisalone committee, through all of the adherent plans to the design districts. With regards to the installation “Fuori Zona” (outside a Design Disrict) a public call for bids is available on the website Nominations are open until Monday, 4th April 2016. The winners will be announced Sunday 17 April during the awards ceremony that will take place at Teatro di IED Moda, via Pompeo Leoni 3. Every winner will receive a “Sleipnir Troll” realized by Atelier Forte, which this year is a feature in the logo, that symbolizes conquest, exploration and the discovery of new worlds.

A long journey spanning 50 years of innovation continues, to create designers that are able to see the future with an eye on the present whilst interpreting the changes and needs of society. Playing host to the awards ceremony of Milan Design Award symbolizes therefore, a unity of purpose based on the desire to further enhance the research of work and the boldness of creativity” commented Emanuele Soldini, Director of the IED Milano.

A New Identity

Another new element of this edition if the renewal of the prize identity, with the objective being to increase the International recognition of the competition, strengthening ties within the design community and becoming a reference point for those looking for quality within Fuorisalone.

From 2011 to 2015

Reaching the sixth edition, the winning projects from the previous five editions were Nonostante Marras by Marras + Segno Italiano in 2015, Delirious Home by ECAL in 2014, The Revolving Room by Moroso in 2013, Photosynthesis by Akihisa Hirata in 2012 and Neoreal Wonder by Canon in 2011.

The Committee ‘Milano Fuorisalone’

Born in 2014 for the safeguard and co-ordinated communication of the events outside of the expo, regularly sharing information and during the Milan Design Week, publishing content- in dedicated pages - on the digital platform of
The committee consists of 5VIE art+design, Brera Design District, elita - enjoy living italy, Milano Space Makers, Porta Venezia in Design, Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week, Superstudio Group, Tortona Design Week, Ventura Lambrate e Zona SantAmbrogio.

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