Vintage stories by A-latere

All that is “a latere” requires creativity and emotional intelligence: to be fully understood it requires lateral thinking. That is how Claudia Campone and Martina Stancati have found out that their design fields could have been fully expressed in a collateral design framework.


Ranging from exclusive hand-made pieces to textile fabrics, going through small stories of precious objects, A-latere has developed a range of stories to tell to a sophisticated and cultivated audience, acting as silent companions in the rituals of everyday life. And it is exactly to the ritual of liquors and spirits consumption that A-latere dedicates a Liquor bar line that will be launched on the occasion of the next Fuorisalone as a reinterpretation of the classic shop window, icon of “domestic transgression“ of alcohol after dinner or at the end of the day. Blendings happen to people living the world with a transversal approach: Eastern puffs and Western vintage interacting with the language and materials of the most sophisticated leather goods.

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