Konscio: the technology in our dreams

Konscio is a project by Lucia Esposito, Deborah Fumolo and Lorenzo Fort, and it is going to be showcased at the DOUTDESign exhibition in Zona Santambrogio.


It is a wearable device that stimulates the consciousness state during sleep, through low voltage energy, allowing who uses it to live a lucid dream. Achieved the lucidity state, the user can actively influence the dream context (e.g. choosing settings, which actions to perform and which onirics characters to relate with).


The project, winner of the Next Design Innovation contest, sees its prototipe realized thanks to Regione Lombardia and Politecnico di Milano – Polifactory support. The exhibition, with 21 selected prototypes, will be open during Fuorisalone 2016 in Zona Sant'Ambrogio, within the headquarter DOUTDESign in via San Vittore 49, Milan.

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