Milano Centrale is Shopping&Design at Fuorisalone 2016

Fuorisalone’s spotlights are on Milano Centrale for the first time during Design Week.Both an architectural landmark and iconic building, on this occasion, the Station reinforces his dialogue with the city as an urban cultural center as well as a hub for travelers.


It is also a privileged venue to be a new point of interest during the event. Not surprisingly the Monumental Atrium will host some initiatives: the installation “USELESS OBJECT-Dedicated to Munari” and the live performance stage “USELESS SOUNDS”. USELESS OBJECT has no real function or aesthetics except to stimulate a memory, to quote a Maestro. The USELESS OBJECT is made with pieces of the mezzanine from a decommissioned factory where design objects were produced.  


The ambition to deeply represent Nothing was the key concept taken into consideration by the artistic ensemble, in response to the continuous daily affliction by complex useful objects we are all exposed to.  Nine videos, developed as one interlinked artefact explore visually some paradigm. 

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