Porta Venezia in Design: between art and Liberty architecture

Porta Venezia in Design, at its fourth edition, originated mainly from the desire to highlight the link between design, art and the Liberty architectural and decorative heritage that strongly characterises this area of the city.


The objective of this edition and of the previous ones is to establish a collaboration between the many business and cultural players based in the territory that have favourably welcomed the project, going through the paths of Liberty and giving life to an itinerary able to create harmony and balance between tradition and innovation.


Like in the other areas, the undisputed protagonist is Design, although in Porta Venezia it gains an added value and becomes an opportunity to open some unexplored places of Milan to its citizens. In this edition, we also hope to include in the programme the Albergo Diurno Venezia designed by architect Piero Portaluppi, that after years of neglect still preserves the charm of its past splendour and that reopened its doors to visitors after ninety years from its inauguration, with an amazing series of tours organised by FAI-Milan delegation.


We are working at the creation of a really crucial event dedicated to our visitors, in such an important week for Milan. The cultural-architectural value remains the main focus of the guided tours to sixteen wonderful Liberty buildings. An opportunity to hear the story of these buildings and of their hidden treasures from those who know the style of this area – so special and continuously changing – that houses important art and design studios. An area that, in the last few years, has been offering expositions of individual projects attracting public and professionals, important design/furniture companies, prestigious locations, sometimes historical heritages, studios in elegant historical buildings and historical monuments, art galleries and cultural centres.


For Milan, the Fuorisalone represents a great promotion opportunity, a showcase on the world of design and art, a blending between various creative expressions. That is why the different targets and environments of our stands constitute a great strength for us. The fair includes emerging designers and well-established companies, architectural design studios and workshops as well as new contemporary initiatives associating good (and healthy) food to the world of sports and music.


As for communication, every detail can be found online on the official website promoting the event and working as a virtual hub providing all the necessary information along with social networks. The map of the design/art itinerary and a book-guide of the Liberty itinerary can be downloaded from the website, where journalists can access the press area upon registration and download the materials of the event and of its key players. Special signs will guide to the places to visit and the paper map – distributed in all the locations included in the programme – will guide visitors through the itinerary.


In its current and also future editions, we would like our programme to grow with the people and realities based in this area and to become a real experience, showing that in Milan creativity, innovation and design can coexist in complete harmony.

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