Tom Dixon, Caesarstone and a restaurant inspired by the four elements

A space all dedicated to design, inspired by the four natural elements: Caesarstone and Tom Dixon will collaborate on a new destination for Fuorisalone 2016. For another round of design carnival in Milan, 4 futuristic kitchens and 4 radical dining halls will create a unique temporary Restaurant, located in a late baroque deconsecrated church.


Extraordinary and yet unexplored, La Rotonda della Besana is a 17th Century building in central Milan and it will be the perfect backdrop. Inspired by the medieval elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air, each fully functioning Caesarstone kitchen will chop, steam, char and freeze the freshest produce from the best markets of Italy. Each kitchen will serve its own Tom Dixon-designed dining room with a different course served in each space.


The overall food concept will be curated by the Italian food design studio Arabeschi di Latte, headed by Francesca Sarti. Simply The Restaurant, it will test all of the senses on an utterly unique platform.

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Event in:
La Rotonda della Besana


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