GORE-TEX® challenges the weather through art and technology. 

GORE-TEX® presents at Superstudio, during the Fuorisalone, the interactive installation Meteomorphosis to portrait in an unconventional way the true soul of the product. The concept at the base of the project arises from the essence of GORE-TEX® membrane, made of impermeability, transpiration and protection. Thanks to GORE-TEX®, hostile weather conditions are not a problem but just a different way to enjoy the moment. 


With GORE-TEX®, everyday is a perfect day. 


The new concept has been shared with Paolo Scoppola, interactive video installations expert to transform it into a tangible message for the audience, together with the creative agency Pescerosso, in charge o the project.


The idea has been brought to life through art and technology: with its two declinations, the installation allows those who are interacting with it to see their own outline on the screen, painting with rain and playing with the sun in a unique and creative experience.

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Event in:
Via Tortona, 27


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