5VIE art+design in the old town centre

5VIE art+design is a territorial and cultural marketing project that aims at promoting the Roman and Ambrosian roots of Milan’s Old Town.


Unlikely other design districts, 5VIE project is promoted by a no profit association that organizes cultural activities in the area all year long. 5VIE staff strongly believes in Milan creativity, hoping that, during the rest of the year, there will be more events related to the design week. The aim is to show the importance that 5 Vie gives to the quality of the projects and to open to public some historical venues that are still unknown.


Every year, 5VIE dedicates the design week’s edition to popular architects, such as Franco Albini and Luigi Caccia Dominoni. Moreover, in the Sanremo building, the district organizes a monographic exhibition dedicated to contemporary designers, who have been identified through a specific editorial line and who realize projects by starting from the possession of the matter. This year, during the exhibition curated by Federica Sala/PS, the first preview of the new Raw Edges’ experimentation will be shown. Three projects will be held in the area: the Seletti’s one in Piazza degli Affari, the Green Island’s one in the secret garden of Via Terraggio, or the Misiad circuit in some shops’ windows.


5VIE will continue collaborating with Cologni Foundation by promoting tours to the artisan ateliers of the district’s arts masters, in occasion of the European Artistic Crafts Days, which, for the first time, will take place at the same time of the Design Week (16th and 17th of April, 2016).


This year, 5VIE has reached the objective to be more International, with a group of companies and designers coming from different countries. Palazzo Turati will host the Masterly exhibition while in Palazzo Litta a new exhibition will be organized, in collaboration with Sky Arte, the Japanese Karimoku News Standard, an Australian artistic crew and many different big companies with a certain savoir faire.


The inauguration’s day of the district will be Wednesday, April 13th, from 6.00 pm to 11.00 pm, with extraordinary venues’ openings, streets closed to traffic and many parties. The district’s press preview will be Monday, April 11th, from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm.

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Spazio Sanremo
Via Zecca Vecchia, 3


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