MINI LIVING – 'Breathe'

A visionary micro living concept based on a conscious lifestyle, enhancing creative solutions for a brighter urban life.

MINI has teamed up with New York architects SO-IL to unveil the installation MINI LIVING – 'Breathe' at this year’s Fuorisalone in Milan. MINI LIVING – 'Breathe' is a forward-looking interpretation of resource-conscious urban living within a minimal physical footprint. The installation calls into question conventional living concepts and demonstrates how architecture can react creatively to future challenges presented by ever-shrinking living spaces and limited resources in urban areas.

In keeping with MINI’s adherence to the principles “Creative use of space” and “Minimal footprint”, the installation conjures attractive living spaces for up to three people within an area just five metres wide and ten metres tall. At the same time, MINI LIVING – 'Breathe' shines the spotlight on the idea of “active experiencing”, in this case through awareness of environment. The concept views the home as an active ecosystem which can make a positive contribution to its environment – expressed here through intelligent use of resources essential to life, e.g. air, water and light.

'Breathe' is the third installation created as part of MINI LIVING – a creative, idea-sharing initiative launched by MINI in 2016 and headlined by architectural solutions for future urban living spaces.

Visitors to the Fuorisalone on Via Tortona 32 (Torneria) in Milan, Italy can experience the installation from 4–9 April 2017 inclusive.

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Via Tortona, 32

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