5VIE art+design

Area: Distretto 5vie

5VIE Art+Design is a cultural and territorial marketing project that aims at promoting Milan’s Old Town.

History, culture and innovation: these are the values of 5VIE Art+Design, which has been working for four years to carry out its cultural and territorial marketing  project to promote Milan’s Old Town.  

 Literally, the 5 Streets – 5VIE – are Via Santa Marta, Via Santa Maria Podone, Via Santa Maria Fulcorina, Via Bocchetto and Via del Bollo. After 4 years, this district has become wider but compact at the same time, it is characterized by Roman roots and Milanese features, archaeological remains, beautiful cloisters, modern     
architecture and new areas that are being renovated. 

Thanks to the work of the past few years for building a strong brand identity and new communication strategies, a bunch of streets is now a urban project of international interest.     

This year the micro-areas of the district are shown, each of them is characterized by co-production and cultural collaboration projects, which have been chosen  by the four district’s founders (Alessia del Corona Borgia, Emanuele Tessarolo,  Aline Parisetti Calvi Radice Fossati and Ernesta Del Cogliano) together with PS,     
the district’s Design Advisor since the first edition.   

Moreover, this year 5VIE is proud to have Fastweb as Main Sponsor of the Design Week, to show clearly how much the district focuses on innovation and on connections between people. 5VIE’s Official Sponsors are Banco di Desio, an important local bank, and Hangar Design Group, which developed the district’s new graphics.