Mare Modular – a sensitive to light installation by Modular Lighting Instruments

The Belgian architectural lighting manufacturer Modular Lighting Instruments will be making an impression at the exclusive ‘Accademia di Brera’ with a surprising, vibrant, fun and architectural installation in which black-and-white and light and dark contrasts set the tone. It’s a utopian world, far away from time and place, in a fairy-tale setting beneath the moon and close to the sea. A path in a lava-like landscape guides visitors from one surprise to another. Are you sensitive to light? Here you can sunbathe beneath Modular Lighting Instruments’ latest fixtures and get a great architectural tan. This installation is certain to be one of the highlights of Euroluce and will be located in Brera, the heart of the city trail in Milan’s city centre.

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Via Brera, 28


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