Sound Tag: the audio lab of Fuorisalone 2017

Red Bull Mobile Studio, the brand-new recording studio on wheels, is proud to present Sound Tag: from 4 to 9 April, in Piazza del Cannone, inside the event INHABITS - Milano Design Village, the studio will be turned into an audio laboratory, inside which the public will have the chance to take part in creating the soundtrack of Fuorisalone 2017.

Each participant will be able to leave a “sound print”, their very own contribution to a collective composition in which sounds transform and combine to generate a multi-form spectrum of textures, words and fragments in constant flux.
During the week, the studio will also be welcoming sound designers, who will take part in the installation by giving talks, workshops and performances.

To take part in the workshops and the talks, participants must register through the website - link on the right

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