Electronics Meets Craft

As Panasonic aims to create an unique “Kukan” - an Invention of space, the theme of our exhibition for this year’s Milano Salone is ‘Electronics Meets Craft’.

Panasonic Design will present the installation and prototypes by showcasing state-of-the-art craftsmanship and aesthetic awareness that Japanese tradition have nurtured for centuries. And through our partnership with the creative unit, GO ON, our exhibition will resonate with people’s five senses and memories. As Panasonic’s cutting-edge technology electronics meets the traditional Japanese craftsmanship that has supported Japanese people’s lives with its delicate sensibilities and technologies for centuries, Panasonic will dig deep to search for the origin of Japanese sensibilities and craftsmanship, and aim to bring about the new designs which will give life to the renewed abundance for the next century.

On this exhibition, we will collaborate with Academia di Brera.

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Via Brera, 28


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