Aqua Spirit

Campomarzio70 is the benchmark for both niche fragrances and cosmetics and will make room in its Via Brera 2 shop for design and sustainable innovation. The installation by the Japanese brand Misoka will be the leading attraction throughout the Fuorisalone.

“The Globe seen from the space, that is the blue of water. We all live on a planet of water. Blessed rain glows the tress, then becomes a fog, a cloud, a water stream and the ocean. It runs around the world and gives us a life. MISOKA, receiving a gift from water, contributes to people and the earth.This is the toothbrush that requires only water for its use”

Already awarded with 6 design prizes, Misoka is not simply useful but also extremely sophisticated and efficient in its essentiality. Together with Misoka Campomarzio70 will highlight other 4 brands. From The Netherlands comes Zenology, a ski care line with no parabens and SLS and unforgettable home fragrances; Cire Trudon, from France, since 1643 an icon in the candle-making and home interriors world; from Sweden L:A Bruket, a 100% organic skin and home care brand; from Austria, a male skin care line which conquers through its simple, yet customizable design.

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Via Brera, 2


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