URBAN LIFE: a fusion of taste and art

"URBAN LIFE", the first revolutionary Carrefour Express concept store at Corso Garibaldi 49 in the heart of Milan's nightlife area, has teamed up with the "Le Belle Arti, Progetto Artepassante" association to bring art to places beyond "institutional" venues. Carrefour Express wants to support young artists through an important event that offers talented newcomers a modern and elegant space, free of charge, in downtown Milan.

At URBAN LIFE, the public can admire the art installations in the Lounge Bar during the typical Milanese Happy Hour, appreciate the ideas of these young designers while having sushi in the Tokio Street area, and sip a beer while enjoying theatrical and musical performances that leave the stage to bring their art directly to the public. Many more events and activities are planned for this total fusion of taste and art.

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Corso Garibaldi, 49


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