VETROSPETTIVA 1987-2017 Glass in the Kitchen. The creative gesture of Valcucine

VETROSPETTIVA -n. f. [feminine noun/adj. [composed of vetro (glass) and lat. -spectivus i.e. of adjectives derived from verbs containing specĕre «to look» (e.g. inspectivus from inspicĕre, prospectivus from prospicĕre, etc.), as in the English word retrospective].

1. A neologism coined for the celebration of the 30-year anniversary of the first glass kitchen, to investigate the events that prefigured and lead to the introduction of the use of glass in the kitchen industry and that established the current conditions that allow glass to be the primary material employed to design and construct Valcucine's masterpieces.

2. The Fuorisalone 2017 event in the luxurious Valcucine boutique in Brera, Milan, presents a retrospective of glass, portraying Valcucine’s pioneering spirit and eco-sustainable vision, always ahead of the times and anticipating the ways kitchens were changing, causing a modification of the paradigm throughout the sector, both from a stylistic and from a constructive viewpoint, and introducing the “glass is more” principle.

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