Rain Forest by Slow Wood

Winning project of the international interior design contest 35w2

Five different types of wood might seem quite a lot to be fit in a single space. However there is a place on Earth that includes more than 50% of all the plant species that we know. A Rain Forest. 

Slow Wood presents Rain Forest, an immersion in a different latitude, at the centre of the world,  an interior design project, a living space that if necessary can become a space for conviviality, with an exotic tone. 

20144 Studio, the group of interior designers that made the project, won the international interior design contest 35w2 launched by Slow Wood on the last october, that weeks, attracted more than 400participants from 300 cities from more than 30 countries. The challenge proposed by Slow Wood to design a furnishing system capable of harmoniously integrating kitchen and living room in a game of transformations able to turn it from a living space into a space for conviviality while using five types of wood. 

In partnership with Gervasoni, Antonangeli, Esarc and Vans.

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Foro Buonaparte 44/a


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