Ten Secret Treasures: a journey to the discovery of the JCP universe

Ten Secret Treasures: a journey to the discovery of the JCP universe, through the narration of the ten creations on display during the Milan Design Week 2016.


On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2016, JCP offers a glimpse of a new universe. The ten creations signed by the artificers Emanuele Magini, Alessandro Zambelli and CTRLZAK Studio are the protagonists of Ten Secret Treasures, a journey that leads visitors to the discovery of JCP. A narration that illustrates an eclectic universe through which JCP is creating a new reality in the design world.


JCP is a new design approach, a free thought that aims to be the interpreter of the social and cultural transformation that our age is experiencing. It is the overcoming of design in its narrowest sense, the one of formal rigor and expectations. It is an expression of design based on mind stimulation and the creation of new experiences.


JCP was founded in 2015 by the will of Livio Ballabio, through the creative and controversial dialogue with CTRLZAK. It takes shape in 2016 through a careful orchestration of professionalism and involved multidisciplinarity.

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