Sarpi Bridge: the bridge between East and West

A design week, the first and unique in Europe that looks to the East. A project that weaves partnerships that make multiculturalism a force to create and support a bridge of new opportunities, cultural and economic, between East and West, between city and city, between district and district.


After a past year full of great news in which Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week has managed to hit some of its objectives thanks to  collaboration with Slow Food Great China and Macao International Design Show, Milan Design Week 2016 now gets  opportunity to consolidate the bridge with China, in partnership with Design Radio, emerging Chinese media that works to promote the design and Jillion Art Collective in Shanghai that deals with design and contemporary art.


With them Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week promotes in Opificio 31 of  Tortona design district the exhibition OO!CHINA 设计之外, a significant exposure where China surprises, "OO!", between art and design, a glimpse of a much project wide that will be accomplished in the coming months.

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Opificio 31
Via Tortona 31


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