New Talent: Cristina Celestino

Great collector of Italian design, Cristina Celestino bases her work on the observation and research, ranging from fashion, art and design. She moved to Milan in 2009, one year after she began to produce her own projects under the name of “ATTICO”.

What is for you Fuorisalone?

I imagine Fuorisalone like an event that increased over time thanks to a natural and inevitable path. Created as a cultural spin-off of Salone, it has been able to handle the growing number of locations bringing the city to an extraordinary proof of hospitality. Milan has been able to open its doors like no other city in the world.

How do you get ready for this event?

In the days immediately following the Milan Design Week I do a calculation. If I find areas for improvement or I am not happy with some aspect, I start immediately to prepare more carefully the next edition. From the emotional point of view it is as if the New Year with all good intentions began in post-show days.

The key thing you discovered or learned at Fuorisalone?

The thing that surprised me the most when I became part of this convulsive and beautiful system is the ease with which during Fuorisalone you can build relationships, even lasting ones, with “inaccessible” people during the year. As a designer I have learned that it is important to have a dream, believe in it and take it onto the scene. Fuorisalone offers everyone a chance: I remember my beginning in the world of design in 2011 with an event that I organized at my place, then inserting it in many guides and getting a good response that has given me the strength to start in this sector. As a visitor I carefully value what really deserves to be seen and I reserve time in the following weeks to deepen the collected material.

Not to be missed out at Design Week 2016?

The city deserves to be visited in every corner, as I said the events and the less noble projects always reserve beautiful surprises. One tip: the project of the company Bottega Nove.

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