Fail better at Cascina Cuccagna

Do results without failures exist? Surely not. Does the experience imply the risk to fail? Maybe. Should we look at the failure from another angle? Probably yes.
If the production today is evaluated on its success, the process has no longer interest. Failures, mistakes and route corrections are hidden and censured. In parallel, however, the experimental nature of contemporary art is underlined and the world of makers is generating an unexpected interest in rapid prototyping. The exhibition - curated by Raumplan and Cascina Cuccagna during Fuorisalone 2016 - recounts the path that from the mind of the designer leads to the finished product, highlighting the intermediary phases, the trials and attempts that structure the project experience in all its complexity. Unacted intentions, mistakes from which good insights arise: an entire exhibition dedicated to the unpredictable paths of the project that from big failures lead to great innovations.

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Cascina Cuccagna
Via Privata Cuccagna, 2
20135 Milano
tel. 02 83421007


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