Giacomo Moor: Fuorisalone as an exchange of views

Giacomo Moor is a designer who lives and works in Milan. He graduated from the Politecnico of Milan and began working in a workshop where he learned the carpentry. In 2011, he founded the GM studio with the aim to develop his design and creative experience in a studio-workshop in which designers, architects and artisans could share on a daily basis, in addition to the workspace, their specific expertise. Currently the GM Studio designs and manufactures tailored furniture systems as kitchens, apartments, offices, as well as unique pieces and limited series of furnishing accessories.


What does the Fuorisalone represent for you?

Fuorisalone remains an important confrontation opportunity. Objects, often very heterogeneous and far, after months of incubation in the designers' minds, come to life and they are transported before the eyes of the insiders from anywhere in the world.


How do you prepare yourself for this event?

The importance of this event is, in my opinion, in the fact that it imposes on us, as designers, a deadline to our projects. Even before we start to take a pencil in our hand, we know that everything has to be ready by April. It is often stressful, but for me it is essential to optimize time and thoughts.

What is the strangest thing that happened to you during a Milan Design Week?

Four years ago a client of mine, who is art collector and designer, invited me to dinner and I unexpectedly found myself at table with Marc Newson; it was very funny and at times surreal.

What is the key thing you discovered or learned at Fuorisalone?

In recent years, I forced myself to select one week before only a few events to visit, but actually, the most unexpected things I have always found them by accident.

Your event or product that has been the most successful at Fuorisalone

I remember with the greatest happiness the year 2014. At that time I presented my collection in the Post-Design design gallery of Memphis, It has probably been my product more published abroad; even now, South American Bloggers ask me information about it.

What will you present at the next edition and where?

This year, we present two products with an Italian historical company called Acerbis. It was a very exciting challenge to have this confrontation with the industry, trying not to lose my language.

Not to be missed at Design Week 2016…

Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte, Living and present DoppiaFirma, a project whose purpose is to create a small collection (16 pieces) of refined objects, each of which is the fruit of the creative exchange between a designer and an artisan. Finally Woodyzoody, a small publisher of wooden animals designed by twelve designers who as a production constraint that work on the lathe. A new initiative in the world of design, which ventures into a long time in the production of objects of this type, but never with an actual collection, this time it is the result of the collaboration of all of us designers. With me, Odoardo Fioravanti, Paolo Ulian, Francesco Faccin, Giulio Iacchetti, Lanzavecchia 6 Wai, Lorenz+Kaz, Giorgio Biscaro, Federico Angi, Valerio Sommella, Elia Mangia, Lorenzo Palmeri and Matteo Ragni. I am very curious to see the new products of Cassina, recently directed by Patricia Urquiola.

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