MA.T.O new brand

Simple but original lines that create old style shapes.

These are the features that characterize M.A.T.O. (Made To Order) products, a newly created design atelier, where each project is managed by taking into consideration every aspects, from the concept stage to the final realization, in order to make a truly handcrafted piece, which brings within it the intrinsic value of uniqueness.


The Extile collection embodies this identity, and it is composed by a bizarre vase holder and/or book holder and an hexagonal dining table for six people. Their design recalls the past, by introducing and reusing old yet high quality materials.

Hexagonal and recovered tiles represent the starting point of the whole process for getting a refined product, entirely handmade.


Functionality and practicality are instead essential elements in the Tavolo12 project, a versatile and stylish writing desk composed by a black or white crystal surface and a perimeter moulding in mahogany solid wood.


In this project, the manufacturing expertise goes hand in hand with the use of technologies that are required to charge electronic devices fully integrated in the surface of the desk.

As a matter of fact, the technological aspect is a constant in MA.T.O objects, although barely noticeable, discreet, always very hidden and never intrusive: here the role of technology becomes a starting point for a deeper reflection on the necessity of its presence considered as an excuse for escape, and not just as a technical solution.


Different from other collection's pieces, Lull is a poetical project suspended between brass surface reflections and the formal rigor of its iron structure, all very well mixed - as the best recipe would call for - by the expressional warmth of wood.

Lull is neither only a piece of furniture, nor only an object, but a space conception idea, a dreamlike tale that make each one of us reflect about everyday things. It’s not only a bookshelf, it’s not only a place where to sit; It’s simply… Lull.


We invite all those who are interested in discovering the M.A.T.O. collection to visit us at Fuorisalone at 15, Via Savona. Don’t miss the chance!

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