Fuorisalone Magazine

Understanding the Design Week

This year, Fuorisalone.it is enriched with a new section, a path of reflection and discovery launched two months before the week we are all waiting for, with a mix of enthusiasm, expectation and trepidation. Fuorisalone Magazine will accompany us until the beginning of the Design Week, when – as usual – the live guides and stories of our reporters will enter into play.

In the process of developing Fuorisalone Magazine, we have met with many of the people who create the Design Week in Milan with their ideas and actions. We have structured the pages of this publication by trying to reflect the most live and direct experience of the operators in this field and of all lovers of design, without distinction in role, convinced that in April, in the streets and in the pavilions in Milan, we will have a chance to experience the true power of design: understanding.

Understanding means grasping and listening, but also hosting the world in your own home, exactly like Milan will do when for one week it will become the most international and creative city on the planet. We have tried to understand as well, by means of the in-depth studies of Focus, with the novelties of the protagonists of Discover, but also with the Stories of the companies who conceive and produce design. The generosity of the interviewees in the section People has once again confirmed that when you talk about that week everyone has something marvelous to tell. And it doesn’t matter if you are in design history books or on the other side of the planet, the heart and the mind open up to discussion and understanding.

— Focus

— Discover