Hyundai IONIQ Manifesto: a new and innovative philosophy of the brand

Hyundai IONIQ and share the same philosophy: designers are innovators and early adopters of the future

IONIQ is the new project signed by Hyundai, where the innovation meets the eco-sustainability and the most cutting-edge technology


Hyundai introduces IONIQ, the new project completely dedicated to the environment, the technology, the design and the society. IONIQ reflects the new philosophy of the brand, founded on a sustainable future that always looks for innovations to support people. “New Thinking. New Possibilities” is much more than a claim: it is a real mission which brought the Korean company to realize a very unique car that represents a milestone of Hyundai e-mobility strategy. In fact, Hyundai IONIQ is the world’s first model offering three electrified powertrains: Ioniq hybrid, Ioniq hybrid plug-in and Ioniq electric.


IONIQ becomes a “Manifesto”, a new philosophy based on some key points:


• Low- to zero-emission technology: Ioniq hybrid and Ioniq hybrid plug-in offer an excellent driving performance with fuel efficiency and low emissions. Ioniq electric boasts zero emissions.

• Sustainable mobility in and out of the city: three interpretations of the electric concept, for a reduced social and environmental impact, in and out of the city.

• Innovative and modern design: the exteriors feature a clean and dynamic style, while the interiors are characterized by a modern and innovative design. The result is a futuristic and comfortable cabin.

• Uncompromised driving experience: a multi-link rear suspension system with dual lower arm for enhanced ride comfort and driving dynamics.

• Modern technologies in terms of connectivity and safety: an innovative digital driving experience and a cutting-edge package of active safety features.


Hyundai IONIQ and share the same philosophy: designers are innovators and early adopters of the future, they are able to imagine and design it. With them it would be possible to build this new awareness of thinking, understanding and acting according to the principles of Ioniq dedicated to the society, thus supporting the #IoniqAttitude.


Hyundai Ioniq will be available in Italy soon, get in touch to stay updated real time!





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