Sarpi Bridge

Area: Tortona

Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week: the bridge between East and West, between city and city, between design district and design district

Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week was born in 2013 in Milan thanks to the interest and curiosity that the people feel more and more for the design and art offering by East. It is a particular fuorisalone for content, oriental and "to the east", and for format, very democratic because it desires to give opportunity at whom has not it. Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week aims to create a bridge between East and West, between City and City, between fuorisalone and fuorisalone proposing design, art design, research and creativity. It lasts not only 6 days of Milan Design Week but all the year in order to create cultural and economic opportunities. The district that gave birth to it is Sarpi, a historic district of Milan of great charm, but Sarpi Bridge_Oriental Design Week is very dynamic, always in moving looking for new places where to build bridges.