Porta Venezia In Design

Area: Porta Venezia

A Milan itinerary for the Design Week to combine design&art, food&wine with Liberty Architecture heritage


Porta Venezia in Design | Liberty, is a fuori salone itinerary that combine the contemporary Design and Art with Liberty Architecture heritage - that is particularly rich in this area of town - to let citizens and foreign guests visiting Milan during the Design Week. Liberty guided tours are free, by reservation, thanks to the cooperation with FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano, being one of our main partner.

An itinerary divided into ‘three’ : showrooms, stores and companies featuring new design and art, the cultural focus on Liberty architecture (with entrance to the much ‘beloved’ Albergo Diurno Venezia) and the food&wine itinerary, which finds space in some selected bars and restaurants, with menus designed for the Fuori Salone, but also house exhibitions of design content.

The area of Porta Venezia. The idea of this circuit, is to highlight points include design and furnishing, hospitality and leisure, with good food and wine, architectural firms, workshops that highlight the artisan aspect, sometimes ' hidden ' in courtyards, others on the road.

But also the cultural aspect, which highlights the architectural angle, revealing the attraction has not been accessible for years - as the Albergo Diurno Venezia, now open thanks to Delegazione Milano of FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano. Visitors could enter to admire this secret location, magnificent and rich of art deco, hosting the VESTAE exhibition during the design week.

This year we also embed two important museums of the area : PAC and GAM.
They are all places and treasures to discover, also along the year, that 'live' in this area of excellent and

qualified activities related to design, craftsmanship, food and wine.

Interesting new entries in the area - passing through an important transformation in the recent years - are: the international reality as SOTHEBY’S, moved to Palazzo Serbelloni (Corso Venezia 16); BIVIO MILANO doubles the ‘milanese presence’ by opening the new in Via Lambro, where houses, during the Design Week, Cristina Prinetti ‘onetwothree’ transformable seat; the two Labs - WAX MAX, which highlights the African Textile Experience and STUDIO PICONE ROMA that revised the artist's heritage, in an inner court, Via Nino Bixio 27; the kaleidoscopic space STAMBERGA (inner court, Via Melzo 3) that combines the world of photography, design, books and jewels.

Novelty in the food itinerary is V3RAW, a space offering balanced organic food ingredients (salads, soups, yogurt, extracts and smoothies) in Via Spallanzani; among others, remain Hic Enoteche 2.0, Casa Mia, Pastificio&Bistrot Brambilla.

Renew prestigious presences in the 'design' circuit of the area: Anthozoa, Brompton Junction Milano, Jannelli&Volpi, Lisa Corti and Il Lazzaretto.

The itinerary: the idea. Design as a link among the various realities of the Porta Venezia in Design circuit. Design as ‘creativity’ applied to all the sectors. A strong collaboration among various realities in the area - both commercial and cultural - which have well welcomed the project. Where. Milan, in a historic district, full of strong architectural traces left by the Liberty style (Art Nouveau), a central area, hosting important points related to design, art, architecture and culture. An area which counts, since some years, individual exhibition projects attracting the attention of the visitors and industry insiders, and which is also hosting important design/furnishing companies, showrooms/shops, professional studies, historic buildings and monuments, art galleries and cultural centers. Design/art events are communicated together with the Liberty path, which includes 16 among the most important Liberty buildings in this area.

Institutional relations with the city

Porta Venezia in Design is under the patronage of Comune di Milano, strengthening the communication of the circuit, as the relevant event for the city of Milan, during the design week. For the 2016 edition, we are also part of the overview highlighting the main districts and ‘fuori salone’ events, created by the city of Milan (by Brand Milano) and distributed in the info-points of the respective events/districts, as well as in some strategic points of the city.

From 2016, Porta Venezia in Design is supporting the Milano Design Award, a joint project organized in collaboration with the Milano Fuori Salone committee. Created to safeguard and give a consistent, unanimous voice to the fuori salone events, the committee is composed of the Brera Design District, 5 Vie art+design, elita - Enjoy Living Italy, Milano Space Makers, Porta Venezia in Design, Sarpi Bridge - Oriental Design Week, Superstudio Group, Tortona Design Week, Ventura Lambrate and Zona Santambrogio.

The Milano Design Award project was devised and coordinated by elita - Enjoy Living Italy and realised in collaboration with and IED Milano, under the patronage of the Comune di Milano.

Museum and cultural collaborations in the area

New relationship with important museums and cultural sites in the area of Porta Venezia, whose purpose is to connect the land and make it more open and known during Milan design week. PAC and GAM are present as authoritative museums, as well as the Albergo Diurno Venezia, closed for so many years and reopened thanks to Delegazione Milano of FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano, although still to be restored, will be accessible for this occasion to some lucky visitors of the design week.

Second year of collaboration with Casa Museo Boschi di Stefano, which exhibits - in spaces where Antonio Boschi (1896-1988) and Marieda Di Stefano (1901-1968) lived - a selection of three hundred of the over two thousand works from their collection, donated to the city of Milan in 1974. Collection which represents an extraordinary testimony of the Italian art history in the 20th century-including paintings, sculptures and drawings-from the first decade of the twentieth century in the late 1960s.

This year hosts the exhibition 'Roberto Sambonet: architetture del quotidiano domestico’.

Free tours during fuori salone

Once again, the collaboration with FAI-Fondo Ambiente Italiano, leads to guided tours of the Liberty legacy to a selection of 16 buildings in the area of Porta Venezia. In addition, a visit is proposed by bike, in partnership with Brompton Junction Milan, together with Hic Enoteche 2.0 and V3 Raw.

Partner of the district is Principioattivo, with the sustainable project ‘Cycling The Week’!

We welcome the CYCLING THE WEEK project - ideated by Principioattivo Architecture Group (architecture office, with a wonderful internal space at Via Melzo) for the design week 2016 - born to facilitate links among the huge quantity of events in the Milanese urban areas.

Three main objectives for the project - to stimulate the sustainable mobility, to spread the knowledge of cycling rules for the bikers and to inform on safest paths to bike. To develop it, Principioattivo has analyzed a study made by PedalaMi (*) and then chosen the use of the bike (does not pollute and has minor journey timing). Cycling The Week is a bike path - traced with pedestrian colored lines – linking 3 design week districts: BRERA DESIGN DISTRICT, PORTA VENEZIA IN DESIGN and VENTURA LAMBRATE. Along the path, some CONNECTINGWEEK installations will stand to link virtually the districts, a web portal to connect people, a prosecution of 2.0 CyCling The Week project, ideated by Union LIGHT.

(*) project of visualization and analyses based on BikeMi info, a bike sharing service in Milan


Essent’ial (producing table elements-set of the attractions food & wine). Design Communication by LaboMint (website, marker boards, map, press kit). Jannelli&Volpi hosts the info and press point. The communication. Press office activities, social media, and newsletter.

Online at, the center of the circuit, where they conveyed the information to the public. Map (also distributed in the points of the circuit) of the fuori salone within design/art, Liberty and food&wine and the Art Nouveau guide-book, could be downloaded from the site. Journalists who register in the press area, could download all the press material of protagonists at Porta Venezia in Design.

The fuori salone ‘Porta Venezia in Design - Liberty’, is in its fourth official edition.

Milan is a hidden beauty. I've always been thinking it and who knows me can testify. I've always tried to stand up for my city; who is not enough curious, that didn't had the chance to enter into the buildings, to see the hidden gardens and the private stories, doesn't know Milano and keeps on saying that is not a beautiful city. Probably the appearance is understatement, less obvious than other Italian cities but here it is the charm: beauties to discover. Sometimes hidden as Albergo Diurno Venezia hiding an incredibly fascinating Art Nouveau heritage (open, during fuori salone 2016) or more accessible as during the event Cortili Aperti when the enclosed garden and courtyards are disclosed. A great heritage of houses, buildings and courtyards in Porta Venezia where the elegance of Liberty relate to an ever changing city. nm.