How to take part in Fuorisalone?

Taking part is simple. Fuorisalone isn’t a fair, it doesn’t have an organising body or a central organ managing it. Companies taking part can organise themselves independently to create their event by choosing a place where they can exhibit, often a showroom or temporary exhibition areas. The platform of Studiolabo has been the best support for companies, sponsors and designers for years, indicating their strategies and operational solutions for orientation in this world.

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Something to say

Fuorisalone is the best environment to launch an idea, present a product, promote a brand as long as close to the design world. In the choice of products to be displayed should be selected the most innovative ones, who maybe can be contextualized in an installation of effect. The event design should be aimed at involving the public in the discovery of the products.

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A location where you can display

Every company/exhibitor must find a space where they can display in Milan. It can be a commercial location, a shared space, a room or an entire showroom. The choice of the location, its position and visibility, are essential elements for the success of the event.

If you're looking for a location in the entire city of Milan

Visit Milano Location
You can contact the owners of the locations to rent for the period of the Fuorisalone directly on the site.

If you're looking for a location Brera (Brera Design District), near the city center

Visit Brera Real Estate
Complete the request for information and our team will accompany you in the visit and management of the relationship with the owners of the commercial space.

Communicate your event

Notifying in time and in the right way that you’ll be at the Fuorisalone is essential for the success of the event. You can also arrange everything independently in this case or make use of the support of various companies/agencies offering visibility with different tools: web sites, apps for smartphones, paper guides, sector newspapers, temporary signs for streets, etc.

You can add you event for free on and you can buy you can buy a communications package to increase your visibility on the site, on our newsletter or on our social channels.
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