5VIE art+design

Area: via Santa Marta, via Santa Maria Podone, via Santa Maria Fulcorina, via Bocchetto, via del Bollo

5VIE Art+Design is a cultural and territorial marketing project that aims at promoting Milan’s Old Town.

The 5VIE (5 Streets) are situated in the heart of Milan and they are: via Santa Marta, via Santa Maria Podone, via Santa Maria Fulcorina, via Bocchetto and via del Bollo.

The name “5VIE Art+Design” gathers the three main concepts of the project: history, culture and innovation.

With a strong brand identity and new communication strategies, the area hosts a series of cultural initiatives in occasion of the most important creative events of Milan, in collaboration with PS and Nascent Design agency, as for visual identity.

During this third edition, 5VIE district boasts an increased number of high quality events, by paying attention to the strong cultural matrix, the artisanal projects and the purpose of rediscovering central areas that the majority of people don’t know.

The councillor for Trade, Productive Activities and Tourism, Territorial Marketing, Services Civic, Franco D’Alfonso declared: “Thanks to the collaboration between Public Administration and 5VIE trade and cultural operators, this district gained international interest, by promoting culture and creativity. In a few years, 5VIE district became a very popular destination for tourists and visitors. Moreover, the most important design brands chose this area to show their collections, since it perfectly combines artisan tradition and research”. 


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