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After twenty years the International Exhibition of Triennale comes back to Milan. “21st Century. Design After Design”, or twenty exhibitions scattered in twelve areas of the city from April to September

After twenty years the International Exhibition of Triennale comes back to Milan.

From Palazzo della Triennale to Fabbrica del Vapore, from IULM Campus to MUDEC, from Pirelli Hangar Bicocca to the Campus of Politecnico, from the Science Museum to BASE, from Palazzo della Permanente to the Diocesan Museum, up to the Villa Reale in Monza. A masterpiece? The extraordinary reopening of two pavilions of Expo, the one that housed the Future Food District and the Auditorium one. The XXI International Exhibition of Triennale of Milan will be a biannual event, wide and distributed over the whole territory of Milan, that will liven up the city with a rich program of exhibitions, events, festivals, competitions and conferences.


“Design After Design” will be the title of 2016 edition: no vision of the future, but a decoding on the new millennium in order to touch the most discussed issues on the project: the consequences of the economic crisis, the impact of globalization, the relationship between the city and the design, the relationship with the new information technologies, the makers and the new forms of crafts.

The Scientific Committee of XX1T will supervise eleven performances: “Neo Prehistory - 100 Verbs” by Andrea Branzi and Kenya Hara, “TDM 9. W - Women in Italian Design” curated by Silvana Annicchiarico, “Architecture as Art” by Pierluigi Nicolin, “Sempering” by Luisa Collina and Cino Zucchi, “New Crafts” by Stefano Micelli, “The Multicultural Metropolis” by Andrea Branzi, “City After the City” directed by Pierluigi Nicolin, accompanied by nine other exhibitions in collaboration with different institutions of Milan, including Salone del Mobile, Diocesan Museum and Riccardo Catella Foundation. There will also be a planetary garden and a meeting/book room in Expo Area.


Looking at numbers: more than 39,000 square meters of occupied surfaces between Milan, Monza and Expo Area, a theatre program curated by CRT at Teatro dell'Arte, two summer schools, one at the Politecnico and one at Expo Area, four participations at the film festival, three international workshops on the subject of design, art, architecture and economy, a series of meetings organized by Meet the Media Guru and much more. From April 2 to September 12, 2016 Milan will be a real turmoil, save the date!


Foto: XIII Triennale, 1964 - © Triennale di Milano


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