LEGOLA: an open mind in an open world

The new brand LEGOLA opens its showroom in Milan. LEGOLA is a modular seating and padded panels system for offices, public areas, waiting rooms and lounges that meets the need to define small spaces in wide areas.


The panels and seats are made of polyurethane with customizable textile coating that provides maximum comfort and ensures good sound insulation in every space.


LEGOLA is able to restyle, at perceptual level, the distribution of spaces. The modular panels can be assembled in many different ways, thus creating an infinite number of versatile and pleasant environments. LEGOLA can increase productivity and reduce stress through its extremely dynamic reassuring design language.


LEGOLA also respects nature: all the components are made with the use of recycle PET such as polyester from bottles and packings.

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Martedì̀ 12 Aprile
Via Cusani 9


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