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April 2018

exhibition of the products from NID students

Architecture, design and sound, the NID - Nuovo Istituto Design Perugia, will show at Milan Design Week, the Umbrian handicraft tradition with the project: Clay Station. The Interior Design course, in collaboration with the MOD company, presents at the Salone del Mobile in Milan an instrument with a strong historical-social value that is deeply rooted in Umbrian craftsmanship, rediscovering the internationally recognized Deruta school for the processing of ceramics, transforming it in an art object. Clay Station, is a hybrid between historical design and modern technology, set up as an interactive installation. The project includes distinct ceramic elements, with similar but different curvilinear shapes, each with its own clapper that is brought out to make the mechanism visible. The terracotta shapes of the bells, are designed to promote a clear and clean sound, that of the raw material, which is then enhanced in every respect. The sound will be conveyed by a joypad so that the user will lose the tactile experience to favor the visual and auditory perception, becoming in this way the architect and the spectator: the single elements will relate to each other like the members of a jazz orchestra. bringing to mind UmbriaJazz, the Umbrian festival known all over the world. Wasted will then be presented: A project developed by the students of the second and third year of the Graphic Design course, supervised by the professors Davide Pagliardini, Francesco Perticaroli and Simone Scimmi and Vincent Urbani. Wasted is a reflection on design, aesthetics, identity. How much communication do you have about the job? Wasted is an installation of anonymous design objects that are born with different functions and reinvented here through the communication related to each product, such as: its identity, the packaging, and the new intended use. A project that collects the voices of all those objects intolerant to their alienated and anonymous condition. These "figlidinessuno" products, from the designer of the unknown, fight for their own affirmation in the world of design. Tired of ungrateful and weary use, they decide to improve the quality of their existence by undertaking a path of renewal in brand identity, aesthetics and function.





17 Tuesday
00:00 - 23:30
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18 Wednesday
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19 Thursday
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20 Friday
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21 Saturday
10:00 - 20:00
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22 Sunday
10:00 - 18:00
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