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April 2018

Daniele Balangero is back at Fuorisalone with his wooden lamps

Balume wooden lamps (https://www.balume.it/) will come back to illuminate the Fuorisalone for the second consecutive year: the creations of Daniele Balangero, thirty-three craftsman from Cuneo, will be protagonists again in DIN 2018, the fuorisalone event of PromoteDesign that will animate the heart of the Lambrate area. At DIN 2018, Balangero will present his latest creation, the bud, which he will make live.
Balangero, carpenter, son of art, graduated from the "A. Bertoni "of Saluzzo and professor at the technical schools" San Carlo "of Boves (Cuneo), in 2012 gave birth to the project Balume, whose name comes from a play on words between a lamp by Achille Castiglioni called Boalum and the first syllable of Balangero surname. How are Balume lamps born? Everything starts from a pencil drawing that takes shape by assembling wood veneers, the very thin coatings (6 tenths of a millimeter) of walnut, cherry, maple, cherry wood once used to finish the furniture of the eighteenth century. These modular solutions fold with the steam and then fit around the lamp generating unique pieces of surrender. The common thread is the transparency of wood: the veneers allow the light to shine, giving a sense of lightness and highlighting the grain of the wood. The production process ends after months, because the wood is and remains forever a living thing, in continuous transformation: this is why Balangero keeps under observation for six months the new models not yet marketed before putting them on the market. This is the period of time that allows him to observe and study every little reaction of the wood used and to anticipate any changes.
Table lamps, pendants, wall lamps and floor lamps are all made with an eye to sustainability, favoring the use of manual tools and a recoverable cardboard packaging.
From the laboratory of Tetto Turutun Sottano, a tiny village of Borgo San Dalmazzo (Cuneo) close to chestnut woods, the Balume lamps have landed at major trade fairs such as Maison & loisir in Aosta, L'Artigiano in Fiera in Milan, Operae in Turin . It is worth mentioning the collaboration with the Parisian designer Alban Le Henry, who led Balangero to create a series of small tables with shelves supported by "sticks of the shepherd", made by folding chestnut wood branches recovered in the Turutun wood and softened in an oven wood-burning. Soon a piece of the series will be exhibited in Paris in Margherita Raggi's gallery.

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