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April 2018

A challenge about the creation of fashion and design products

The photonic piano is a workshop of the Phablabs 4.0 project, a European project that aims to develop the professional potential of students and young professionals through photonics and digital manufacturing tools: the innumerable potential offered by lasers, LEDs, lenses, optical fibers and programmable circuits made available to participants for the realization of objects that they will eventually take home.

 To whom it is addressed and how much it costs

 This workshop is completely free and will be provided to participants by FabLab: it will function as a creative atelier where participants will learn some principles of photonics and apply them to build a musical instrument with the digital fabrication technologies available in FabLab.
 The workshop is ideally suited to university students and young professionals, the age of the participants will therefore vary from 18 to 30 years. View the duration of the laboratory.

 The idea: what you will learn, what will you achieve

 We will create a musical instrument similar to a keyboard in which the sound will initially be replaced by colors, or a musical instrument that works with optical fiber and LED lights. The physical phenomenon exploited to obtain this device is that of total internal reflection, which will be explained together with a minimum of electronics during the course of the laboratory.

 The program will be as follows:
 Phase 1: The workshop will begin with a presentation of Fablab and digital manufacturing tools

 Phase 2: We will then move on to a didactic moment in which we will become familiar with optics and photonics, which will then be used for the third phase

 Phase 3: Manufacture of the instrument and experimentation with light

 ATTENTION: The workshop is limited. At the end, the prototypes will remain within FabLab Milano and will be exhibited on the occasion of Arduino Day on May 12th. Participants can pick up their instrument at this event, Sign up on Eventbrite.

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Workshop - Challenge about the creation of fashion and design products
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